KVWL: Green-hued glass integrates building with nature, improves working environment

Not only does the highly transparent glass façade of KVWL give this existing building complex a shining new shell, it also improves the working environment for the employees inside. A green-centered color palette was used to reflect natural aspects from the environment surrounding the building, and the decision to use glass as the main exterior material allows employees to have uninterrupted views of nature from their offices. The architects are pleased with the final design, saying that it “generates a new working atmosphere, enhances communication between the buildings and…creates a new sense of togetherness.”


Project Category: Exterior

Project Name: KVWL

Location: T44141 Dortmund, Germany

Archiect: SchürmannSpannel AG Lise-Meitner

Glass Fabricator: Hunsrücker Glasveredelung

Photographer Credit: Peter Stockhausen

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Vanceva® Brings Color to Traditional Benefits of Laminated Glass

For more information on Vanceva color interlayer, contact us.

Vanceva® color interlayers offer certain high-performance safety characteristics, useful in demanding applications such as vertical, sloped and overhead glazing. The tough plastic interlayer resists penetration from accidental impact and, unlike ordinary glass, won’t shatter into dangerous fragments if broken. Vanceva color PVB interlayer is sold at a minimum of 15 gauge (0.38 mm, 0.015 in). Laminated glazing made with Vanceva interlayer, when used in the proper thickness can meet the federally mandates safety glass requirements of CPSC and is also able to meet the various requirements outlined in ANSI and ASTM standards related to laminated glass. Below are some common applications where Vanceva color interlayer is commonly used.

Bomb Blast-Resistant Glazing: Laminated security glazing using Vanceva color interlayer, in specifically designed window, doors and skylight systems, can provide impact protection that may substantially reduce injury from direct and indirect blast shock wave effects (over-pressures) and can significantly reduce the amount flying or falling glass in bomb attacks.

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