Innovative Glass Design Creates Therapeutic Environment


A tranquil atmosphere permeates the new Hospital Rey Juan Carlos thanks to the skillful use of laminated glass in the interior design. Color choice was a carefully considered aspect of the design process for this project, as the general atmosphere of the hospital and the mood of its patients are greatly influenced by color. The two elevator towers, situated on opposite ends of the vestibule, employ both opaque Vanceva® Polar White and transparent glass. These two elements reflect and contribute to the fundamental premises of the hospital’s design: light, silence, and a peaceful aesthetic. When sunlight pours in from the circular openings above, the elevators’ curved glass surfaces reflect a pure white light that illuminates the entire lobby. This light and the winding atmosphere of the small gardens flood the hospital with the peace and tranquility its patients need to heal. In this way, the common space also becomes a therapeutic one.

Control Glass frequently employs laminated glass with Vanceva® interlayers in their designs. Vanceva®’s versatility allows the application of many different colors in this hospital space without requiring extra anti-vandalism protection and laborious silkscreen printing processes, and without sacrificing the curved aspect of the elevator towers. Laminated glass is an important overall aspect of this hospital’s architecture, permitting the passage of natural light throughout the building while protecting the interior from extreme temperatures and noise. Its invulnerability to the passage of time provided the architects with a guarantee of security, durability, and hygiene. The use of Polar White Vanceva® interlayers in this case also affords a measure of coverage for the elevator towers, so the continuous motion of the elevators within doesn’t disturb the tranquility of the lobby.

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