AGC Studio: Sky-Hued Glass Partitions Provide Separation, Maintain Transparency

Seeking to defy the conventional perception of glass in architecture as merely clear and flat, the designers of the AGC Studio used the vibrant hues of Vanceva® color interlayer technology for laminated glass to partition their showrooms. A deep, glowy orange hue was selected for one wall to evoke a sunrise or sunset. On the opposite wall, an intense blue takes center stage. By emulating colors of the sky in this showroom, the architects were able to integrate nature into a design dominated by inorganic, solid building materials.

The use of laminated glass in this design also allowed the designer to manipulate people’s perceived sense of distance by utilizing properties of color and glass. The noise-cancelling characteristic of laminated glass frees users from disturbance, while the transparency of the walls still permits a sense of openness within the workspace. In spaces that would normally require more privacy, this openness is moderated by the Vanceva® color interlayers within the laminated glass walls. Upon viewing the showroom from the outside, the blue and orange hues combine into a complementary grey shade. Figures inside the room are then silhouetted in color on a monochromatic background, allowing viewers to be physically separated but psychologically connected.

Other aspects of design were kept to a minimum for this project in order to fully emphasize the use of laminated glass. Lighting, fire-extinguishers, and air conditioners were carefully covered by metal plates. The designer spent a substantial amount of time testing and tweaking the hue of the interlayers to find the best pair for the complementary color effect. Most importantly, the designer made sure to align the glass partitions as carefully and exactly as possible to achieve a maximum effect.

Company Information

Name: AGCJapan

Company Name: AGCJapan




Phone: 03-5524-5511



Project Information

Project Category: Interior

Name of Project: AGC Studio


Date Completed:12/31/2010


Glass Laminator/Supplier: AGCJapan

Photographer Credit: AGC Japan

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Impact Maung Tong Thani – Captivating Color Infuses Space with Touch of the Exotic

When choosing the exact shade of red for this meeting room, the designers searched for something both practical and fascinating. The bold crimson hue they settled on infuses the room with energy and personality, without overwhelming its purpose as a meeting place. Vanceva® color interlayers for laminated glass became instrumental in transforming a common room into an elegant conference hall. This was also achieved through the inclusion of fascinating patterns in the glass.

The choice to use such a bold color quickly became a challenge for the designers. As the dominant color in the design, it could easily have overwhelmed the other elements in the room. The problem was presented to the East Liverpool, which suggested breaking up the intimidating expanse of solid color into patterns. As light passes through the glass on a sunny day, the beautiful patterns reflect onto the floor and walls, adding elements of mystery and sophistication to the room. The final result is a room that captivates its viewers and warmly welcomes its visitors.

Company Information

Company Name: Thai Techno Glass
Address: 132/3 Moo. 9, Taploung District
City: Maeng Nakornphatom 730000
Country: Thailand (TH)
Phone: 087-138-8181

Project Information
Project Category: Exterior
Name of Project: IMPACT Maung Tong Thani
Location: Bangkok

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Centene Headquarters – Glass Canopy Lights Up Walkway with Brilliant Spectrum of Colors

The light-diffusing characteristics of glass reach their fullest potential in this canopy designed by artist Liam Gillick. Keeping in mind the needs of the people who travel between the two buildings, the architect sought to create an environment that literally protects users from the elements, but also shields them from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As sunlight shines down on the glass overhang between the building and the parking garage, the space beneath explodes in an array of dazzling colors. The ethereal quality achieved through this design provides a place for passerby to step back from their busy schedules and let their minds wander. Gillick describes the structure as “a link between a place of arrival and a place of work…a site for the distracted viewer who has other things on his mind.”

The use of glass in this design represents Gillick’s attempt to push the borders of architecture and to “find things that can barely be achieved.” Vanceva® color interlayer technology helped him achieve this goal with thousands of options for transparent, translucent and opaque colors. But a sense of concrete social responsibility also weighs in and affects his work. In the case of Centene’s Headquarters, the colorful glass canopy provides a way to both test boundaries and remain connected to the legacy of utility.


Company Information

Name: Kevin Anez

Company Name: Viracon, Inc.

Addresss: 800 Park Drive

City: Owatonna, MN 55060

Country: United States (US)

Phone: 800 533 2080



Project Information

Project Category: Exterior

Name of Project: Centene HQ

Location: Clayton, MO

Date Completed: 01/01/2001

Architect(s)/Firm(s): HOK Architects

Glass Laminator/Supplier: Fabricator: Viracon, Inc. Laminator: Permasteelisa North America Corporation

Photographer Credit: Matthew McFarland

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