Colored glazing packs an emotional punch in any project, but especially so in this structure. The architects used the Vanceva® color system to produce warm hues that evoke the glow of flickering candlelight. The laminated glass was then formed into shining pillars that appear to be made completely of light. At night, these pillars illuminate the entire landscape with their soft, warm glow. The transparency of the glass brings an added factor of security to the project along with incredible beauty. These glowing glass pillars ground the entire structure and connect it with the elements.

Company Information
Name: Michael Plorer
Company Name: MGT Mayer Glastechnik GesmgH
Address: Am Breiten Wasen 17
City: Feldkirch Vorarlberg 6800
Phone: 43552272822404

Project Information
Project Category: Exterior
Name of Project: Bush of Schaan
Location: 9494 Schaan, FurstentumLiechtenstein
Date Completed:12/01/2010
Architect(s)/Firm(s): Ritten Jon Architekten AG
Glass Laminator/Supplier: MGT Mayer Glastechnik Gesmgh
Photographer Credit: Eddy Risch, Schaan