Food Food@Central Rama III – Indigo Glass Creates Unique, Deep-Sea Atmosphere

Using specially designed indigo colored glass, the designers of the Central Rama III food court aimed to create a relaxing, underwater- like atmosphere for shoppers enjoying a quick bite to eat. Creating this deep-sea atmosphere transformed the previously dull and dreary food court into a peaceful oasis where customers can take a breather from the hectic shopping scene. It also improved the overall atmosphere of the department store, generating a modern and sophisticated image for the shopping center. Architect Steven J. Leach comments, “The benefit of using indigo blue is that it creates a realistic impression of being underwater. Although there isn’t much in the way of decoration, the clarity and reflection of the glass represent the sea perfectly.”

Project Category: Interior

Project Name: Food Food@Central Rama III

Location: Central Rama III, Bangkok, Thailand

Glass Laminator: Thai Techno Glass Company (Brand : BSG)

Photographer Credit: Thai Techno Glass

Architect: Steven J. Leach

Address: 10/F The Millennia
62 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road
Lumpini, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

Phone: 662-650-5585

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure: Colorful Glass Panels Bring a Fresh, New Look to a Typically Overlooked Building

View Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure Project Profile

Although a parking garage isn’t normally associated with high architectural design standards, this Santa Monica parking structure might make us reconsider our previous conceptions. Offering spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the city below, the new building provides a memorable arrival point to the Civic Center. By day, the bright rainbow of glass panels welcomes daylight into the structure, reducing the need for artificial lighting while creating a light and airy space. At night, the panels transform the building into a luminous exterior display of softly glowing light and color. This fresh, innovative use of color in the design reflects the purpose of the building itself: the many colors, patterns, and sizes of the glass panels echo the colorful diversity of the automobiles inside. As Susan Trimble from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope said, “The design does not disguise the utilitarian nature of the building, but instead seeks to celebrate this aspect as part of the design aesthetic.”

The Santa Monica parking structure was the first of its kind to receive a LEED-Certified rating through the U.S. Green Building Council for its use of sustainable architectural in the design. Santa Monica’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment commented on the structure on its website, saying, “The building features design strategies, materials, products, and construction practices that preserve natural resources, conserve water and energy, and reduce waste.” The use of colored laminated glass panels was essential in creating both an environmentally-friendly structure and a vibrant reflection of urban life.

Project Category: Exterior

Project Name: Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure

Location: Santa Monica, California

Glass Laminator: Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

Los Angeles Glazing Contractor: Woodbridge Glass Inc.

Photographer Credit: John Edward Linden

Design Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

Address: 933 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90405

Phone: +1 310 450 1400

Bar of Condominium: Lustrous Laminated Glass Shines in Unique Spaces


All audiences are welcome in this Bar of Condominium, where laminated glass accentuates both the light and the dark elements in the design of two very different spaces. The dark tones of one room appeal to more conservative residents seeking a place to quietly socialize with friends, while the lighter space is tailored to an edgy, sophisticated public. A glass bar not only divides the two rooms, but also unites the contrasting color palettes with its black-and-white glass lining.

Wallpaper in shades of gold and silver heightens this difference and also adds polish and shine to both spaces. Architect Brunete Fraccaroli says of the project, “The concept of the space is reflected in its boldness, dynamism, and above all, elegance.”

Sustainability was also a key concept of the design. The architect created a display of 4,600 recycled bottles on the back wall of the bar, endeavoring to prove that “environmentally friendly materials can be used with elegance and sophistication.”

Project Category: Interior

Project Name: Bar of Condominium

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Glass Laminator: Penha Vidros

Photographer Credit: Tuca Reines

Architect: Brunete Fraccaroli

Brunete Fraccaroli Arquitetura e Interiores

Address: Rua Batataes, 460 – 4º andar – Jardim Paulista

São Paulo São Paulo 01423-010

Phone: 55 11 3885-8309

Marktkauf: Laminated Glass Uniquely Defines Mall’s Colorful Character

With so many different shops in this mall, it could have been a difficult task to find a color that exemplifies each store. But Vanceva® color interlayer technology made it possible for the architects to find just the right hue for each department in the mall. The color glazed glass also harmonizes nicely with the geometric cube shape of the building. When the sun shines brightly through the glass, bathing the inside of the building with colored light, the architect describes it as “the best effect.”

Company Information

Name: Mr. Rando Kieckbusch

Company Name: Semcoglas Glastechnik GmbH

Address: Feldmark 8



Phone: 0049395 43070 200



Project Information

Project Category: Exterior

Name of Project: Marktkauf


Date Completed:01/14/2011

Architect(s)/Firm(s): Werner Schmidt Holstenstraße 12 24582 Bordesholm /Germany

Glass Laminator/Supplier: Semcoglas Glastechnik GmbH Feldmark 8 17034Neubrandenburg/Germany

Photographer Credit: Bernd Lasdin

Cambie Storm Pump Station: Decorative pump station glass complements waterfront view

Located on the mouth of theFraserRiverinRichmond,British   Columbia, this storm pump building elegantly reflects the sparkle and motion of water. Rather than building an unsightly concrete bunker on the popular waterfront promenade, the City of Richmond opted instead to complement the views of the river and the mountains with a decorative glass wave pattern. The architect used Diffused White, Aquamarine & Sky Blue Vanceva® Color by Saflex® in the design, drawing his inspiration from the image of spilling water frozen in midair. The design combines the solid safety of laminated glass with the brilliant colors of glass film in a building that is as beautiful as it is functional.


Project Category: Exterior

Project Name: Cambie Storm pump Station

Location:Richmond,British Columbia

Glass Laminator: Lami Glass

Photographer Credit: Rich Porayko


Frydenberg Skole: Unique Glass Panels Create Refreshingly Colorful Environment

Though juggling 64 double glazed units of laminated glass proved to be a bit of a challenge to install in this project, the results are more than satisfactory. The inner pane of glass is tempered with a unique ceramic print in a circular pattern. The outer pane is laminated with Vanceva® color interlayers and printed with the image of hands.


Company Information

Name: Henning Austad

Company Name: ModumGlassindustriAS

Address: Fabrikkveien, Katfos Naeringspark

City: Geithus Buskerud N-3360


Phone: +47 32 78 31 30



Project Information

Project Category: Exterior

Name of Project: Frydenberg Skole


Date Completed:12/31/2011

Architect(s)/Firm(s):RayonAS(Tone Bergan)

Glass Laminator/Supplier: ModumGlassindustriAS

Photographer Credit: Modum Glassindustri AS (Nils Henning Austad)

The Peabody Orlando Expansion Tower: Integration of Color Glazing Adds Touch of Whimsy to Hotel Design

The Peabody Orlando proved to be a unique challenge for the architects as they more than tripled the size of an already successful existing hotel. A specific color palette tailored exactly to the project’s needs was developed and incorporated throughout the entire hotel as a way to integrate the new 32-story addition with the existing property.

Color plays a significant role in any hospitality project and the Peabody Orlando was no exception. Knowing that both the interior and exterior palette can set the tone for how a person perceives a space, the designers constructed palette from the Vanceva® color system based on the desire to bring the building into a more pedestrian-friendly scale. Blue glazing was selected for the lobby to provide a measure of calm and relaxation to the arrival experience. Cooperating with the lush interior landscaping and natural wood and stone interior finishes, green hues became the vehicle to bring the outside environment into the 4-story pre-assembly convention space. The bright orange, red and blue color palette at the crown of the building expresses life, excitement and celebration. Used in moderation, these colors add a sense of whimsy to the Peabody Orlando hotel.

Company Information

Name: Kevin Anez

Company Name: Viracon, Inc.

Address:800   Park Drive


Country:United   States(US)

Phone:800 533 2080



Project Information

Project Category: Exterior

Name of Project: ThePeabodyOrlandoExpansionTower


Date Completed:09/01/2010

Architect(s)/Firm(s): SCA Design Group

Glass Laminator/Supplier: Viracon, Inc. Glazer: Enclos

Photographer Credit: Bob Braun

29 logements îlot V3A ZAC Seguin: Glass and Color Unite in Playful Twist on Apartment Life

Inhabitants of this unique housing facility will quickly find that the life and vibrancy of the space can be attributed to the creative use of laminated glass in the design. Rather than settling for a bland and conventional apartment structure, architect Bernard Bühler set out to create a dynamic space on a tight budget. The Vanceva® color system for laminated glass provided the perfect solution.

For this project, glass and color were utilized in many different ways that complemented each other and also emphasized their own unique characteristics. Glass adds an element of visual continuity between the interior and exterior of the structure. However, the bright spectrum of colors offers a measure of privacy to the building inhabitants. Nowhere does this dialogue between glass and color come into play more than the structure-less balconies.

Bühler wanted the balconies of the building to appear as weightless colored frames floating on the façade, saying his aim was to produce a “superposition of colors” and a “mix of transparencies.” Through the use of the Vanceva® interlayer system, he was able to achieve the look of weightlessness and the richness of color. In cooperation with the manufacturers, he designed a special structural system which maintains the integrity of the glass panel and is barely visible from the outside.

In this project, glass was used for its transparency, reflection and, most of all, for the unexpected beauty that results when shadow and light crosses the material. When combined with a wide variety of playful colors, the glass elements make this apartment building a dynamic and fun place to live.

Company Information

Name: Bernard Bühler

Company Name: Agence Bernard Bühler

Address: 5, quai de Bacalan


Country: France (FR)

Phone: 0033556392733



Project Information

Project Category: Exterior

Name of Project: 29 logements îlot V3A ZAC Seguin


Date Completed:12/23/2011

Architect(s)/Firm(s): Bernard Bühler

Glass Laminator/Supplier: SGS

Photographer Credit: Agence Bernard Bühler

Cardiff University – School of Biosciences Entrance Facility: Playful Colors and Unique Design Bring Life to a Lackluster Façade

Confronted with the challenge of building a light-weight, clearly defined, and aesthetically pleasing entrance to CardiffUniversity’s Schoolof Biosciences, the architects of the project knew laminated glass with Vanceva® color interlayers was their answer.

In order to more clearly define the main entrance to the building complex, the architects wanted to create an entrance that visually contrasted with the surrounding buildings. The unusual hexagonal color-glazed façade became their unique solution, with the surrounding neutral buildings serving as visual foil to the dynamic design. Other key elements in the building’s form were also accentuated through the playful pattern and lively hues.

The building users are very pleased with the hexagonal color-glazing and the new facility in general. The Director of Estates Development forCardiffUniversity, Ian Lomer, commented, “This type of glazing façade is the first of its kind. The scheme is now complete and the glazed façade is stunning. This is a testament to the architectural flair ofRIOArchitects.”

The use of laminated glass was an essential part of this design’s success. The visually stunning material allowed the transmission of daylight into the interior while reflecting the sky and trees on its polished surface. The wide range of transparent and opaque colors allowed by the Vanceva® color system enabled the creation of a homogeneous façade that concealed the building’s structure. The use of glass also created an additional dimension in the space, as the building appears to change form as the light shifts from day to night.

Glass also brought several challenges to the project. Namely, the architects and clients were concerned that the high proportion of glass on the building would cause excessive heat build-up inside. However, PVB interlayers allowed overall insulation of the structure and control over solar gains.

The colored glazing used on the entrance facility created a visually stimulating façade that both clearly defines the building’s entrance and communicates an aspect of the molecular research that takes places inside. Externally, the façade enlivens the spaces around the building by capturing images of the surrounding environment and reflecting back a more beautiful, colorful version. Internally, the white walls and neutral carpets are awash with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of color.

Company Information

Name: Eldon Lewis

Company Name:RioArchitects

Address: 21aAllensbank   Road, Heath

City:CardiffWalesCF14 3PN

Country:United   Kingdom(GB)

Phone: 02920 250066



Project Information

Project Category: Exterior

Name of Project:CardiffUniversity–SchoolofBiosciencesEntrance Facility

Location:CardiffCivic Centre

Date Completed:12/09/2011


Glass Laminator/Supplier: Solaglas Specialist Facades (John Harvey + Steven Nacson)

Photographer Credit: Eldon Lewis

Novotel Bangkok IMPACT: Sleek and Elegant Laminated Glass Warmly Welcomes International Guests

Located at the heart of Muang Thong Thani, the Novotel Bangkok IMPACT often serves as the face of the nation for international guests. The challenge to accommodate international style while remaining grounded in local culture was one the designers overcame through the clever application of laminated glass in the décor. The hotel houses one of the largest exhibition and conference facilities in Thailand, so each area needed to have a unique style that reflected its function.

Laminated glass became an instrumental element of design when creating the ambiance of the hotel. The wide variety of colors available through the Vanceva® interlayer system for laminated glass helped the designers match the different moods of sections of the hotel and also provided them with a beautiful sustainable material. The designers also recognized the power of color to manipulate the atmosphere of a space and applied this concept in their selection of a color palette. Upon entering the front lobby, guests are greeted with soothing earth tones and a mellow décor that creates an atmosphere of relaxation. The bright dining room, on the other hand, reflects energy and excitement through the use of laminated glass elements in punchy blue hues.

The variety of colors and styles reflects the international flavor that makes guests to the country feel right at home. However, it is the consistent use of laminated glass throughout the hotel that unifies these diverse elements and contributes to the overall sleek and elegant style. Why glass? Its charm and ability to affect the mood of a space through color made it an easy choice for designers. They needed a material that was both luxurious and functional and was also able to accommodate the international aspect of the hotel’s guests. Laminated glass made with Vanceva® colors became the reliable, beautiful face of the Novotel Bangkok IMPACT.

Company Information
Company Name: Thaitechnoglass
Address: 132/3 Moo. 9, Taploung District
City: Maeng Nakornphatom 730000
Country: Thailand (TH)
Phone: 087-168-8181

Project Information:
Project Category: Exterior
Name of Project: Novotel Bangkok IMPACT
Location: Bangkok
Date Completed; 02/01/2011
Architect(s)/Firm(s): Novotel Bangkok IMPACT
Glass Laminator/Supplier: BSG GLASS
Photographer Credit: BSG GLASS

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