Day and night, the colorful carved glass artwork of Steve Linn brightens the Chai vineyard. For many years, Linn’s technique of deep carving glass through sandblasting was nearly impossible because the thick, strong glass required to withstand the tough process was not available. However, with the use of Vanceva® color interlayers for laminated glass, Linn was finally able to complete this stunning project.

The piece is visible from both the exterior and the interior of the Chai. During the day, sunlight plays on the glass and highlights a mosaic of colored glass pieces with all the details of the carving visible. At night, artificial lighting emanating from the interior creates the opposite effect. The finished piece reflects the colorful landscape of the vineyard, an effect which was achieved through the use of an assembled pastiche of photographs taken to highlight the details of the countryside. Visitors to the vineyard encounter not only the wonderful wines of the chateau, but this enchanting optical experience as well.

Reflecting the ambiance of the vineyard, the work is a mixture of glass, bronze, and wood. The glass, containing the rich hues of the Vanceva® color system for laminated glass, was carved and sandblasted, then framed by bent steel to resemble the leading of stained glass windows. Linn’s projects tend to showcase glass in a way that combats the misconception that it is a fragile, delicate material but still preserves the transparence and luminosity that makes glass so unique. Linn believes that this project in particular “offers a clue to the public about the care and attention that the winemaker gives to both his environment and his product.”

Company Information
Name: Steve Linn
Company Name: Steve Linn Sculpture
Address: 78 av des Embruscalles
City: Claret Herault 34270
Country: France (FR)
Phone: +33467590371

Project Information
Project Category: Exterior
Name of Project: Sandblasted carved colored glass for Chai
Location: Chateau Capion,Gignac,France
Date Completed:01/09/2008
Architect(s)/Firm(s): Steve Linn Sculpture
Glass Laminator/Supplier: V2S Vitrage/Midi Miroiterie
Photographer Credit: Steve Linn