Located at the heart of Muang Thong Thani, the Novotel Bangkok IMPACT often serves as the face of the nation for international guests. The challenge to accommodate international style while remaining grounded in local culture was one the designers overcame through the clever application of laminated glass in the décor. The hotel houses one of the largest exhibition and conference facilities in Thailand, so each area needed to have a unique style that reflected its function.

Laminated glass became an instrumental element of design when creating the ambiance of the hotel. The wide variety of colors available through the Vanceva® interlayer system for laminated glass helped the designers match the different moods of sections of the hotel and also provided them with a beautiful sustainable material. The designers also recognized the power of color to manipulate the atmosphere of a space and applied this concept in their selection of a color palette. Upon entering the front lobby, guests are greeted with soothing earth tones and a mellow décor that creates an atmosphere of relaxation. The bright dining room, on the other hand, reflects energy and excitement through the use of laminated glass elements in punchy blue hues.

The variety of colors and styles reflects the international flavor that makes guests to the country feel right at home. However, it is the consistent use of laminated glass throughout the hotel that unifies these diverse elements and contributes to the overall sleek and elegant style. Why glass? Its charm and ability to affect the mood of a space through color made it an easy choice for designers. They needed a material that was both luxurious and functional and was also able to accommodate the international aspect of the hotel’s guests. Laminated glass made with Vanceva® colors became the reliable, beautiful face of the Novotel Bangkok IMPACT.

Company Information
Company Name: Thaitechnoglass
Address: 132/3 Moo. 9, Taploung District
City: Maeng Nakornphatom 730000
Country: Thailand (TH)
Phone: 087-168-8181
Email: rarinrats@bsgglass.com

Project Information:
Project Category: Exterior
Name of Project: Novotel Bangkok IMPACT
Location: Bangkok
Date Completed; 02/01/2011
Architect(s)/Firm(s): Novotel Bangkok IMPACT
Glass Laminator/Supplier: BSG GLASS
Photographer Credit: BSG GLASS