The 2014 Vanceva® World of Color Awards™ is a global recognition program created to honor innovation and inspire the use of color in the built environment.

Architects, interior designers, glass fabricators, glazing engineers and other industry professionals will be recognized for their awe-inspiring architectural design projects that demonstrate creativity and forward-thinking uses of colored glass made with the Vanceva color interlayer system.

The call for entries is now open. Register your project here.

Or learn more about the international design competition here.

Lofts in Color

Architects: Rearquitectura / Antonio Menéndez Ferrer – Cristian Barrientos Vera
Location: Cerro Yungay, Valparaiso, Chile

Lofts Yungay II is a collective housing building located in the outskirts of the World Heritage Area of Valparaíso, Chile. This city is one of the largest Chilean ports in the Pacific Ocean. Valparaiso’s landscape is very characteristic due to its many hills packed with colorful houses almost falling out of the cliffs.  Each house is different from one another, but together they create a harmonic landscape.

Quote: Morgan Russell

“Color and light must be entirely melted into one and felt as such – and light must be expressed as it is felt as color.”

~ Morgan Russell

Color Definition #4

BROWN – We think of our roots when we see brown. We also associate it with aging since most things turn a shade of brown over time. We get an earthy feeling from lighter shades, such as beige, tan and sand, while darker shades can feel a bit murky or foreboding. If you mix brown with shades of red, it will absorb glare. Therefore, it is an effective color to use in rooms with harsh light and where the climate is dry.

Restaurant Valvas’or – Valvas’or interier – © AKSL arhitekti d.o.o.

The unique glass façade of theWit immediately stands out to passerby thanks to the striking chartreuse accent that zigzags up the face of the building. The design both adds safety to the building and reflects the exciting aesthetic of theWit’s location in Chicago’s theater district. Reminiscent of flashing marquee lights, the bright zigzag accent has helped theWit to become a prominent location for tourists and locals alike to visit. Architect Jackie Koo says of the project, “I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, but I’m most pleased about how it has successfully become a member...

The Vanceva Color System

Aimee Davis, Architectural Market Manager of the Americas for Solutia Inc., explains how the Vanceva® Color System...

Architect: Nicolas Sack, Albonico Sack Mzumara
Glass Manufacturer: GSA

The intensity and luminosity of coloured glass has been used as a counterpoint to the crisp, ultra-modern, neo-urban style of one of the most upmarket property developments in Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city and most influenti al commercial centre.

Built in one of Johannesburg’s luxurious suburbs, Melrose Arch is among the country’s first mixed-use precincts – incorporating offices, retail stores, banks, medical facilities,...

Hospitals are, by necessity, often large, utilitarian buildings. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be cheerful, colorful, and kid-friendly. The All Children’s Hospital in St....

No longer reserved for paint and wall coverings, Architects and Designers continue to push the envelope, developing...

The playful colors and futuristic design of the Casa de Bonecas makes this modern dollhouse a favorite among children and their parents. Lilac,...

Architect: Carlos Ott, Uruguay
Builder: Coscan Construction
Glass Fabricator: Viracon
Glazing Contractor: Permasteelisa

The Miami skyline is home to a gleaming condominium tower, Jade Ocean. The tower, owned by Fortune Development and designed by world-renowned architect...

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