Eastman Announces the 2014 World of Color Award™ Winners

This growing, international competition pays tribute to architects, interior designers, furniture designers and other industry professionals who used Vanceva color interlayers for laminated glass in their work. Two winners and four honorable mentions were recognized for their creative and unique applications.

We congratulate all the architects and artists who found beauty and imagination through the use of color. Bravo!

Or learn more about the international design competition here.

Architect: Storkökskompagnitet / Indori Inredning AB
Glazing Manufacturer: Si-Glas, Norway

Nox, is a high-design restaurant and bar located in the heart of Stockholm. The restaurant situated in two floors impresses with its stylish interior design. An international influence mixed with clean Scandinavian...

The Jurors

The esteemed panel of international architects and designers who make up the World of Color Awards™ jury have posted their observations about color in the built environment and beyond.  Continue to be inspired as you learn more about each juror.

Shashi Caan – Founder, The Shashi Caan Collective, New York

Andrew Moor – Principal, Andrew Moor Associates, London

Jeeyong An – Principal, GinsengChicken, New York

Fermín Vázquez – Principal, b720 Arquitectos, Barcelona

Denise Turner – Founder, Color Turners, International...

Architects: Ábalos & Herreros, Casariega / Guerra
Rolling-Mill: Cricursa

The isthmus that joins the tiny peninsula of La Isleta to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, has taken on a new stance on color. Ferrovial Inmobiliaria, the project sponsor, offered to create a highly individual area...

Architect: Ángel Luis Lorenzo
Window Manufacturer: Ariño-Duglass

Right at the heart of Guadalajara, “La Casa de Mamá” brings a touch of colour to the city’s landscape. When viewed at a distance, it’s a gigantic cube of brilliant shades reflecting the sunlight.  However, once inside we get a sensation of walking through rooms in which everything is a blaze of colour, yet also transparent, as the light penetrates into the building, filtered through the Vanceva® glass sheets: a complete multi-coloured...

Courtesy of jury member Jeeyong An

The proposal for the IT Convergence Center for KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) aims to provide a truly multi-disciplinary research and educational environment for the institute. Located on the sloped East Campus Plaza of KAIST, the building allows free-flowing interaction between students and faculty of multiple academic disciplines as well as with...

Courtesy of Julie Schimmelpenningh, Global Applic ations Manager at Solutia Inc.

Our world is enhanced and our interest is piqued everyday by the colors around us. The colors of the clothes we choose to wear, our cars, our homes and how we decorate our work areas all give some slight inkling into our personality and individualism. It’s the same for a faç ade or interi or gl ass of a building. “Some buildings are designed to blend harmoniously into the environment while others are meant to make a statement, stand out and be noticed.” Think of the elegant blue green buildings so prominently seen along coastlines, buildings meant to blend with the ocean, versus Circus Circus or New York New York in Las Vegas,...

Candy Coated Color

It’s the fashion world that created the concept of the flagship store, spaces where brands can showcase their ideas in purist perfection.  Not just places to shop, these stores embody how designers and marketing chiefs want their brands to be seen.

Chocolate brand Ritter Sport...

Color is Everywhere

Courtesy of The Cool Hunter

We are hard-wired to notice and react to color, and marketers (and Pantone and the Color Marketing Group) and psychologists have long known this.  Children generally love bright colors. Fast-food restaurants use...

From coast to coast, modern trends continue to feature colored glass in architecture.  Solutia is proud to introduce ten new, soph isticated versions of classic standards inspired by color trends across North and South America. Be the first to explore...

Courtesy of jury member Andrew Moor

London’s new Home Office Building, by the Terry Farrell Partnership, is filled with art, but the exterior coloured glass features inevitably command the most attention.

From the outset the architect developed a detailed overall art strategy, which involved creating vitrines (floor-to-ceiling glass boxes) along the street that could house some form of...

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