The 2014 Vanceva® World of Color Awards™ is a global recognition program created to honor innovation and inspire the use of color in the built environment.

Architects, interior designers, glass fabricators, glazing engineers and other industry professionals will be recognized for their awe-inspiring architectural design projects that demonstrate creativity and forward-thinking uses of colored glass made with the Vanceva color interlayer system.

The call for entries is now open. Register your project here.

Or learn more about the international design competition here.



Though juggling 64 double glazed units of laminated glass proved to be a bit of a challenge to install in this project, the results are more than satisfactory. The inner pane of glass is tempered with a unique ceramic print in a circular pattern. The outer pane is laminated with Vanceva® color interlayers and printed with the image of hands.


Angelo Derenze, President of Casa Cor in Sao Paulo, is welcomed to the jury for his first year. Casa Cor is considered the most comprehensive display of architecture, décor and landscaping in the Americas. More than 620,000 people in Brazil and Latin America attend Casa Cor each year, making it second only to the Milan Furniture Fair in its...

The Rise of Lamination


Laminated glass comprises two layers of glass bonded together by a flexible plastic or resin interlayer that ensures the glass does not break into pieces if fractured. The three methods in use are known as poured, UV-cured, and dry lamination.

For years, it has been possible to pigment the liquid resin that is used to make poured laminated glass- turning the glass almost any colour, transparent, or translucent. But this process has not been widely exploited, perhaps because each piece is hand-made and the process is not perceived as suitable for mass production.

In recent years, a large global glass company has patented a more mechanized system, developing a method of colouring the dry PVB (polyvinyl butyral) material that is used to laminate glass....

Jury Member Abin Chaudhuri


Abin Chaudhuri, Founder of Abin Design Studio (ADS) in India, joins the jury for the first year.   His International Management Institute project in Kolkata, India was a winner of the 2012 World of Color Awards Exterior Division.  The building had a brilliant spectrum of glass windows in many vibrant colors, which spanned the entire façade...

Jury Member Joanna Sikes


Joanna Sikes, Director of External Affairs at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington joins the jury for the first year.  The Museum of Glass provides a dynamic learning environment to appreciate the medium of glass through creative experiences, collections and exhibitions.  For more than 20 years, Sikes worked with Dale Chihuly, an internationally know glass artist...

Connect Through Color


You can always find inspiration, opinions and colorful discussions evolving here on The Floor Plan, but we also invite you to follow all of the World of Color Awards™ updates and more via Facebook and Twitter.

The Jurors


The esteemed panel of international architects and designers who make up the Vanceva® World of Color Awards™ jury are posting their observations about color in the built environment and beyond. Continue to be inspired as you learn more about each juror.


Andrew Moor, Principal of Andrew Moor Associates in London and author of The Colour of Architecture returns to the jury for...

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