Eastman Announces the 2014 World of Color Award™ Winners

This growing, international competition pays tribute to architects, interior designers, furniture designers and other industry professionals who used Vanceva color interlayers for laminated glass in their work. Two winners and four honorable mentions were recognized for their creative and unique applications.

We congratulate all the architects and artists who found beauty and imagination through the use of color. Bravo!

Or learn more about the international design competition here.

Using specially designed indigo colored glass, the designers of the Central Rama III food court aimed to create a relaxing, underwater- like atmosphere for shoppers enjoying a quick bite to eat. Creating this deep-sea atmosphere transformed the previously dull and dreary food court into a peaceful oasis where...

One of the legacies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics is the stunning new community rink at the Killarney Community Centre in Vancouver, BC. The rink was used for short-track speed skating training sessions during the 2010 Winter Games and has recently undergone conversion to accommodate community...

A bright rainbow of glass panels greets students, teachers, and visitors to the New Hampshire Institute of Art. The six-story addition was meant to respond to the various façades of the historic building and provide a backdrop for its strong, pitched roof. Utilizing sustainable technology, the design...


All audiences are welcome in this Bar of Condominium, where laminated glass accentuates both the light and the dark elements in the design of two very different spaces. The dark tones of one room appeal to more conservative residents seeking a place to quietly socialize with friends, while the lighter space is tailored to an edgy, sophisticated public. A glass bar not only divides the two rooms, but also unites the contrasting color palettes with its black-and-white glass lining.

Wallpaper in shades of gold and silver heightens this difference and also adds polish and shine to both spaces. Architect Brunete...

General Contractor: Kiewit Pacific Co.
Architect: Santiago Calatrava
Project Manager: Omni Means
Laminator: Oldcastle Glass®, Prelco Inc., Rivière-du-Loup

Rarely do architects have the opportunity to create landmarks significant enough to redefine a city’ s perception of it self. When the residents of Redding, California, set out to salute the majestic surroundings of the region’s sweeping mountain vistas and rushing river, they reached halfway...

Color is Everywhere

Courtesy of The Cool Hunter

We are hard-wired to notice and react to color, and marketers (and Pantone and the Color Marketing Group) and psychologists have long known this. Children generally love bright colors. Fast-food restaurants use bright colors because they want us to notice, grab and go.  Red is stop, green is go. Colors affect and express our...

Andrew Moor, Principal of Andrew Moor Associates in London and author of The Colour of Architecture returns to the jury for a third year.  For 30 years, Moor has been an ‘architectural...

Sydney Headquarters for iSoft

The new Sydney Headquarters for iSoft – IBA Health showcases an exciting range of finishes, material and design elements which combine to create a futuristic environment consistent with the company’s sophisticated software programs. This ambitious project created 3000 square meters of space to accommodate over 180 staff in a superior workplace environment. The design was based on an open format that emphasized the elements of light and air and also incorporated flexible-use areas to maximize user amenity.

Architects HBO + EMTB’s design concept explored the unique character of “software” by using “light,...


Though juggling 64 double glazed units of laminated glass proved to be a bit of a challenge to install in this project, the results are more than satisfactory. The inner pane of glass is tempered with a unique ceramic print in a circular pattern. The outer pane is laminated with Vanceva® color interlayers and printed with the image of hands.


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