The civil construction industry tends to be very industrial and rigid, but the architects of these offices sought to add some color in an otherwise very neutral palette. Their solution came in the form of one of the boldest colors on the color spectrum: bright tangerine.

Color is an important part of both a building’s character and a company’s public face. As the client’s corporate color, a bright orange hue was the perfect choice to highlight the entrance of the building. At first, the client expressed hesitation at the idea of using such a strong, bold color for the entrance. However, its contrast with the natural earthy tones throughout the rest of the building allows the tangerine to be a tasteful pop of color.

Other Vanceva® colors such as golden yellow, coral rose, and sapphire blue were used in moderation to complement the orange awnings. These colorful glass accents give the space a unique and exciting energy that perfectly expresses the company’s character.

Company Information
Name: Sonia Rodrigues
Company Name: Giannini Loizos Architects
Address:38   Bolton Road, Parkwood
Country:South   Africa(ZA)
Phone: +27 11788 9266

Project Information
Project Category: Exterior
Name of Project: Scribante Construction Workshop & Offices
Location: Kyalami Johannesburg
Date Completed:06/11/2010
Architect(s)/Firm(s): Giannini Loizos Architects
Glass Laminator/Supplier: GlassSouth Africa(GSA)
Photographer Credit: Glass South Africa (GSA)