Brilliant, jewel-like color was the underlying theme of this year’s winning entries. Each winning design team used vivid color to inspire, delight and ignite passion in their projects. An international jury of five celebrated industry professionals reviewed a worldwide portfolio of architectural project submissions, and awarded two winners and two honorable mentions in the Exterior and Interior categories.

Exterior Division Winner

International Management Institute, Kolkata (IMI-K)

Architect: Abin Design Studio
Location: Kolkata, India
Glass Laminator: Thai-German Specialty Glass Co., LTD
Product: Vanceva® Color
Photo: Pradip Sen
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In the midst of a dense and outdated urban fabric, Abin Chaudhuri’s design stands apart from its surroundings thanks to the brilliant spectrum of colors spanning its façade. Once a jewel in British India’s crown, post-independent Kolkata gradually degenerated into an anachronistic urban region that failed to celebrate its rich architectural history and remained unresponsive towards new developments. The architects of the International Management Institute endeavored to reverse this trend by creating an environment that recognized the art and culture of the area while promoting modern, environmentally sustainable architecture that would "add color to the city life."

Interior Division Winner

Harmonic Convergence

Architect: PhenomenArts, Inc.
Artistic Director: Christopher Janney
Engineer: Novum Structures, LLC
Location: Miami International Airport, FL, USA
Glass Laminator: Glass-Pro
Product: Vanceva® Color
Photo: Robin Hill
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Sunlight, sound, and color unite spectacularly in architect Christopher Janney’s mural, “Harmonic Convergence.” The passage provides a unique immersive color experience for travelers passing through the Miami International Airport. Recordings of tropical birds and thunderstorms play from each end of the walkway and sunlight streams through a wall of laminated glass panels, which shines with hues from the entire color spectrum. Janney worked closely with Eastman’s color experts to create a scale model of the wall in Vanceva® laminates to ensure every color was placed in perfect harmony to the adjacent color.

Exterior Division Honorable Mention

29 logements îlot V3A ZAC Seguin

Architect: Bernard Bühler
Location: Boulogne Billancourt, France
Product: Vanceva® Color
Photo: Agence Bernard Bühler
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Rather than settling for a bland and conventional apartment structure, architect Bernard Bühler set out to create a dynamic housing facility in a suburb outside of Paris while working on a tight budget. The Vanceva® color system for laminated glass provided the perfect solution. Bühler wanted the balconies of the building to appear as weightless colored frames floating on the façade. He wanted to produce a “superposition of colors” and a “mix of transparencies.” Through the use of the Vanceva® interlayer system, he was able to achieve the look of weightlessness and the richness of color. In cooperation with the manufacturers, he designed a special structural system which maintains the integrity of the glass panel and is barely visible from the outside.

Interior Division Honorable Mention

Frydenberg Skole

Architect: Rayon AS (Tone Bergan)
Location: Oslo, Norway
Glass Laminator: Modum Glassindustri AS
Product: Vanceva® Color
Photo: Modum Glassindustri AS
(Nils Henning Austad)
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Architect Henning Austad’s work “Frydenberg Sokle” lights up the interior of a school outside of Olso, Norway with a collage of colorful, bending hands. The inner pane of glass is tempered with ceramic print in a circular pattern; the outer pane is laminated with Vanceva® color interlayers and printed with the image of hands. During construction, the design team faced the challenge of juggling 64 double glazed units of laminated glass. But the result, as juror and architect Pitupong Chaowakul testifies, turned out to be absolutely effective. “The application of the color drives the emotional reaction from the space,” he commented.

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